Press Release

There is a bold new solution for marketers and founders of startup companies called and it is a real game changer.

Entrepreneur Alexander Beletsky founded in 2015, after working with another internet company works by helping clients acquire customers through social media lead generation,” says Mr Beletsky.

The platform allows clients to monitor the social network channels, like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, of competitors and detect engaged audiences.

This is achieved by running the platform in tandem with a third party business intelligence application programming interface, or API, allowing to reach as many profiles as possible.

Having this data means that companies can approach potential customers directly, or run highly targeted advertising campaigns,

“Giving companies a solid edge in a competitive market and ensuring they are targeting the right audiences to gain their maximum potential.” provides a rich dashboard to monitor and track the number of leads generated and the number of actual conversions. An important factor in determining if your business model is working.

Private beta testing in May generated about 300 signups in the first few weeks.

“This was exciting for me because it proved that my idea works, which is great for the future of and the future of my clients businesses as well.” Mr Beletsky said. was a solution for aggregating social interaction information, favorites and likes, from many social platforms into one. After the initial success of Likeastore, the team struggled to find a sustainable business model.

Through the process of building Likeastore, the team gained experience in Social Media API's. Alexander liked the idea of B2C marketing and so, using that gained experience, came up with the idea of

“What I really wanted was a way to help businesses grow. It’s all very well to have a great idea, but if you aren’t reaching the right audiences, than you have nothing.” is paid for by way of a subscription fee. They provide several plans. You can choose from a ‘Starter’ plan at just $49 a month, up to a ‘Business’ plan at $199, depending on the needs of your company.